Join the 90 Day Challenge with Joe Delfgauw

Welcome to the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge.  What you are going to find here is some information on the 90 day challenge by Visalus Sciences and why you should join the team of Joe Delfgauw.

  • TheBody By Vi 90 Day Challenge is the fastest growing health challenge in North America. Over 1 million people have joined the challenge; over 158 thousand of them in March 2012 alone.  In the last two years we have helped people lose over 8 million pounds.  We’ve averaged 32 BMW qualifiers per day and our sales grew from 34 million dollars in 2010 to 231 million in 2011 and we should hit a billion dollars in gross sales by the end of 2012.  The best part of all we are only in two countries and we are positioned for massive growth world-wide in the years to come.  Our main product is the Vi-Shake, which allows for meal replacement, so we will show you that joining the 90 day Challenge is not only good for you, but will save you money and you can even get your product for free.

Ok, now the main reason for joining the 90 day Challenge with Joe Delfgauw is because of  my marketing background.  As a professional lead generator and internet marketer I will help you build your business both offline and on.  The first thing he will do is make sure that we enroll the people who are closest to you into the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge with you.  There is a position of Regional Director which I want you to obtain before I teach you all the internet marketing skills.  The important reason why is you need to learn about Visalus first, which will take you one to two months.  And then you can learn how to market it online.  I’ve tried training people online first and then teaching them ViSalus second and every single one of them has failed.  So we need to get you to Regional Director first and qualify you for your BMW which should take you 30 to 60 days in our system, then we will unleash the hounds and teach you how to find leads on:

  • Google- The term “work from home” is typed into Google 1.5 million times per month in the U.S. alone.  You will create a mini site and an ad-words campaign to generate as many leads as you want.
  • FaceBook – Facebook is the Internet Marketers playground. We will teach you how to create 6 local fan pages; one for engaged women, one for single moms, one for stay at home moms, one for personal trainers, one for brand new moms and one for fundraising for Churches.  We will show you how to gather fans and show you how to market to those fans.
  • YouTube – We will show you how to go onto YouTube, record a video (or just upload mine) we will show you how to bid successfully on a cost per view basis, where leads will cost $1 apiece.

As you can see Internet Marketing and lead generation is our specialty. If you want learn these techniques, join Joe Delfgauw here and we will help you take your career to the next level.

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